Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fight Round Up

Ok so it's been one week since my fight and I've stopped hurting enough to sit down at a computer and write about it.

So on the night of the fight we all got loaded into the minibus to Pattaya. There was about 14 of us and only 13 seats so I got to share mine and after a 2 hour journey, arrived with a sore back. No problem really but it was a sign of things to come.

We got to the Sityotong 'International Stadium' which in reality is a ring surrounded by go go bars. People can sit at the bar and drink and watch two fools smash on. Great stuff.

We all split up and got food then met back at the 'International Stadium' to 'check weight'. Checking weight involved my trainer and another trainer sitting around a pool table surrounded by gogo dancers, matching everyone up based on rough height and experience. I was up against a Thai who had 10 fights experience, and I found out afterwards, had just gotten out of prison. I also drew the last fight (they probably knew it was going to be a short one) which meant I wasn't fighting until around 12:30am.

So I hung around and watched some fights, met an old ex fighter named Chang who gave me some great advice (keep your hands up) in between sipping his beer. He also let me feel his calf muscle (I didn't ask for this).

Eventually 12:30 came and I was started to get tired, but excited to get into the ring. I was still surprisingly calm by this stage.

Got into the ring, managed to not fuck up the wai kru and before I knew it the fight was on. First he kicked me square in the arm and I was surprised how hard it was. Followed by a hook and a flurry of punches, none of which got through (thank god for Changs advice). Once that was over I thought 'fuck this' and wanted to knock this guy out. Up until then I thought it was going to be an easier fight than this.

So I managed to hit him with a few shots straight through his guard, and just worked on simple combinations, 1-2-kick, 1-2-hook-kick. I moved him back into the corner and his leg was starting to give out every time I kicked him. I remember having a brief moment thinking I was going to knock him out very shortly when all of a sudden he stepped up and hit me with a knee (left) to my chest. It winded me but before I got a chance to get my breath back or move he pushed my hands down and hit me with the same shot again, just to the right of my sternum. That was enough to drop me and the fight was over.

It wasn't a straight knee, I actually felt like I'd been stabbed and couldn't breathe properly for a couple of days afterwards. I couldn't lay down from sitting or move around without a really intense pain in my chest. It's been getting better slowly, day by day, but one week on it still hurts and I haven't been training. I'm going to try going for a run this afternoon, just 2kms and see how it holds up.

Surprisingly I met the owner of the gym and he wants me to go back to training tomorrow, train for 3 weeks then fight again, which I will do if I can run today no problem.

Although the fight was over quicker then I wanted, I was really enjoying it and pleased with how I fought (apart from the knockout, obviously). I just wish it had gone on longer but it's all a learning experience isn't it.

Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with some more training news. Thanks to everyone who emailed me, sent messages of support etc. It really does enter my mind a lot when I'm training and fighting and it helps a lot.

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