Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Gym

Wow.. so many things have happened since I last posted and I haven't had a lot of time to get to an internet cafe to write about them.

I've taken a break from Sasiprapa for a while. It's been 3 weeks since my last fight and my chest still isn't right. I think maybe something broken so I'm not training hard, mostly jogging.

I did run into an old friend at the local mall from a gym called Sor Ploenchit. The gym takes in mostly kids who have no parents or come from poor families. He's had 260-270 odd fights and won a few belts in Thailand. He's just holidaying here, sorting out some visa stuff before he goes back to Australia to help out with teaching muay thai over there and luckily for me he's the head trainer at this gym so I get to train there for free.

The gym is really impressive. I already knew a few of the kids from last time I visited him there and they're always happy to see us white folk. It's a large gym and really well built. It's obvious the owner has put a lot of thought into its design. It has a hard wooden floor, the ring is softer then I'm used to though, you can work 360 degrees around the bags and the equipment and gloves etc are in good condition. There are a lot of mirrors and floor space in the middle. They even have showers, no hot water, but working showers, not just a bucket of water and a cup.

So I'm planning on staying there for a week or so, just some light training to stay in shape and spend some time with my friend. We play games with the kids, take them to the pool, buy them lunch (they're too poor to eat 3 meals a day) and just muck around with them a lot.

While the gym is good, it's not a tourist gym and doesn't usually take in or train new students so I'll try and make the most of the opportunity and get some photos to post up.

I'll update more as soon as I can, and try and get some photos.

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  1. Why did you stop blogging??? It was interesting. Please continue.