Friday, July 24, 2009

Last Sparring Session

Last sparring session this afternoon before my fight on Tuesday. Am I excited? Well...not really, to be honest I'm more looking forward to it being over with so I don't have to run so damn far every day.

Anyway, as promised, here are some photos from Boo's channel 7 fight (lost by 1 point), starting with a random photo of some lighting taken from my balcony.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I hate running. 100% absolutely, jing jing. There is nothing good about it.

In preperation for my upcoming fight, Im running for around one hour before I start training every day.

I have to keep dodging crazy motorbike drivers, sometimes I get chased by soi dogs, and smile at the stupid comments the thais make as I drag my tired carcess past.

Training is as usual, running, shadow boxing, thai pads, bag work, clinch sparring, boxing sparring, sit ups, push ups, eat, sleep, train again etc etc. It's not a glamourous or exciting life. I certainly couldn't write a book about it...well not the training anyway...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Saturday, July 18, 2009

This mornings training -
8km jog
6 rounds clinch sparring
4 rounds heavy bag
100 kicks heavy bag
100 knees heavy bag
2 sets pull ups
2 sets shoulder press
2 set bicep curl

I got hit with an elbow this morning, which was unexpected, but it didn't hurt anywhere near as much as I thought it would. Also, I seem to have taken some skin off my ass from doing so many damn situps. Talk about uncomfortable.

Friday, July 17, 2009


So I'm fighting in Pattaya on the 28th of this month. I have no idea who I'm fighting...I guess it doesn't matter so much.

Nothings really changed at training, I pretty much follow the same routine, except a lot more of everything. More rounds on the thai pads, more push ups/pull ups, more sparring. I sparred 4 different guys yesterday which was um, challenging.

There's a new/old trainer at the gym. When I say old, I think he's worked there before but I'm not sure. He's a terrific pad holder but loves smashing the thai pads into your head. Lots of fun.

Some interesting stuff has been happening at the gym, a couple of guys almost got knocked out during sparring, one guy was left bleeding from his mouth after going at it with a K1 fighter. I'll have some photos of Boos fight on Channel 7 tomorrow. He lost that fight but it was great to watch, a lot of elbows.

I'm exhausted from training and trying to eat as much as I can, so I'll leave it here for now

Saturday, July 11, 2009

This mornings training -
4km jog
2 rounds shadow boxing
1 round fast punching
3 rounds thai pads
2 rounds upper cut block
1 round teep kick block
3 rounds heavy bag
2 sets shoulder press
2 sets bicep curl

Tee the trainer decided to try and kill me this morning, I don't know why. Good session but I was knackered from only 3 hours sleep last night. 2 x M150 energy drinks saw me through the session though.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hello everybody.

It has been a while since I updated my blog and I'm in 2 minds as to wether to keep it going.

I had almost 3 weeks off training because of a skin infection (another one!) which pissed me off throughly. In that time I watched a lot of movies, applied for a job and was turned down, and generally just lazed about. I was supposed to fight on the Queens birthday next month, but now I'm not sure if it's still happening.

Martin, as far as prices etc go, it depends on if you're staying at the gym, how often you're training etc. It may have changed since I started training there. The owner of the gyms email is - you're best emailing him for up to date and accurate info.