Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lesson 1

So today I had my first student. He hasn't done any kind of martial art or fighting sport before.

It was interesting, some things I need to improve myself, I need to explain things better (in more detail), and I really need to break things down more, to a more basic level. When you're just training yourself and going through the motions, you don't realise how much you know and how much of a technique is muscle memory.

The program I got him to do was as follows
1 round skipping
Basic stance, guard and footwork
Basic jab, cross and left and right rib kick. Got him to do this in the air while I told him what he was doing wrong
3 rounds thai pads, just jab, cross, rib kick
1 round rib kick defence (catch kick) and counter
1 round jab defence (parry) and counter
2 rounds heavy bag
3 x 10 push ups
3 x 10 sit ups
1 round shadow boxing

He seemed to enjoy it and got a good workout so I'm happy about that, but my method of explaining things needs work. I found it was the little things I missed, like I showed him how to jab and cross using good footwork and hand movement, but forgot about telling him to breathe out on the punch. I guess that will come with more experience though. All in all, a good session.

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