Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lesson 2

It's been a lazy week for exercise. I only had a couple of good hard sessions on the bag myself, the rest of the time I've been trying to improve my poker game.

Anyway, today was my students second lesson. Although he is still making basic mistakes, there is improvement from last week so I'm happy to see that.

The lesson was -
1 round skipping
1 round shadow boxing
1 round fast punching
3 rounds thai pads. I'm starting to throw some slow punches at him now to get him used to moving out of the way.
2 rounds technique. 1 round check rib kick (with shin pad) & 1 round parry punch
2 rounds heavy bag
2 rounds kick spar (1 round defending, 1 round attacking)
35 push ups (showed him diamond push ups)
35 sit ups
1 round light shadow boxing cool down

I think next week I will teach him the leg kick and really keep drilling the basics into him.

I really have to start ramping up my training now too, stop being so bloody lazy.

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  1. Hey I just stumbled across your blog. Wanted to say keep up the training!