Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Queens Birthday Fight

This mornings training -
4km jog (because I'm a fucking lazy donut)
1 round shadow boxing
1 round fast punching
3 rounds thai pads
4 rounds heavy bag
4 rounds technique work
Wai kru practice..just something different I guess
50 knees heavy bag
60 kicks heavy bag

Got asked if I want to fight at the Queens Birthday in August, which I jumped at. Gives me a lot of time to prepare though. Something sooner would be cool but I can't complain about that.

This afternoons training -
2km jog
3 rounds boxing shadow boxing
3 rounds boxing sparring
4 rounds heavy bag
2 sets pull ups (max)
2 sets push ups (max)

Good sparring, have a bit of a black eye but nothing got through my guard, moved around a bit more, felt good.

Got offered a fight on the 11th, I don't know if that's July or August, at Lumpinee or Ratchadamnern but it means I'll have to drop almost 2 kgs. I don't know where I'm going to find that. I wonder how much body hair weighs? Anyway, it's still in the works so I don't know what's happening yet.

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