Saturday, June 6, 2009

Germans and Smoke Inhalation

This mornings training -
6km jog
1 round shadow boxing
1 round fast punching
1 round uppercut block
3 rounds thai pads
2 rounds heavy bag
1 set ab wheel (max)
1 set push ups (max)
1 set pull ups (max)
1 set sit ups (max)

Pad work was good, jog wasn't bad, bag work kind of sucked. One of the guys said I'd lost so much weight over the last 9 days of not training that I look like a marathon runner. God I hope I can fight soon, I'm getting bored of kicking things that don't kick back.

This afternoons training -
2km jog
3 rounds shadow boxing
3 rounds heavy bag
3 rounds thai pads
3 rounds heavy bag
3 rounds muay thai sparring
1 set ab wheel
1 set pull ups
1 set push ups
1 set sit ups

Great fun today, while I was walking to the gym I passed someone who had what looked like an exhaust attached to a chainsaw motor. It didn't take me long to find out what this was as two masked people walked up and down the soi with them, pumping toxic white smoke into the drains. Judging by the amount of cockroaches that came scuttling out afterwards I'm assuming they were to kill the insects or rats, or whatever lives and breeds down there. Of course because the camp is quite open it all came billowing in. If I'm still around on Monday I guess it wasn't so dangerous. Jesus I inhaled a lot though.

Also today, 3 rounds of muay thai sparring with some cockhead. The trainer said 'no power, no power' so as usual I thought, great, no power. I later found out the guy I was sparring was a) German, and b) only here for 2 weeks. I like Germans, but they don't seem to like me and always try and prove they should have won the war by knocking me out.

Anyhow, After 1 round I had enough of being teep kicked hard in the stomach. During round 2 I figured out how to make him teep kick high. During round 3 I caught his kick and aimed a hard kick squarely at his supporting leg. Success! He fell down, swore, got up, hopped around, swore, punched things (static things, not me), swore, and hugged one of the poles so he didn't fall down again. Although I hate hurting people during sparring, there's a limit to the amount of shit I'll take and I'm pleased with how it went because it meant I was able to make him do what I wanted (fake a short jab so he kicked high), and also that I'm using my head while I'm fighting.

Later on, my trainer called me over and I thought he was going to make me do 100 knees or something, but he pointed at my ankle and asked "you block?" I said "I catch, kick, like you teach me" and he let out a hearty laugh. He thought it was great.

Tomorrow's my day off, I'm looking forward to a sleep in. See you Monday if I haven't died from that smoke..

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