Monday, April 20, 2009

First of all, Congratulations to Murray and Alicia from my gym in Australia, Kalamunda Kickboxing for their wins over the weekend at the local fight night. I don't know where Murray found another pensioner to fight. (I can say that because I'm thousands of kms away from him). Congratulations guys.

This mornings training -
None because I slept in.

This afternoons training -
2km jog
1 round shadow boxing
1 round fast punching
3 rounds thai pads
3 rounds heavy bag
1 round focus pads
3 rounds uppercut block
50 knees heavy bag
1 set pull ups (max)
1 set push ups (max)
1 set sit ups (max)

Getting back into the full on training now and it feels great. Although my shin is still a bit bruised and lumpy from last week it's not painful at all. Now working on trying to kick with my left leg as hard as I can with my right.

The head trainers been working on me with my hands a lot this last week or two, so hopefully I won't get smacked in the head so much next time I get into the ring.

West I passed your message onto Imran, he was really happy to get a message from home. Thanks mate.

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