Monday, February 23, 2009

Back Into It

This mornings training -
None because I slept in until 10:30...whoops

This afternoons training -
2km jog
2 rounds shadow boxing
1 round fast punching on the heavy bag
3 rounds thai pads
4 rounds heavy bag
1 set situps (max)

I felt good today after not training for almost two weeks. Running was easy, the pad work was easy. Have to remember to keep my chin down but I haven't lost much conditioning. Currently weight 70 kgs.

Parawit lost on the weekend but only on points. I can't believe it. He fought so well for 4 rounds, but got dumped too often in the 5th. I didn't get a program so I can't post up results but I felt bad for the guy who got knocked out in the first round of the first fight. I think after he got knocked out he got hit another 3 times before he hit the ground. Fights happen at Channel 3 tv studio every Saturday, and entry is 200 baht. I'd highly recommend going as it's a good stadium and always has good fights on.

Muay thai faq coming soon...

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