Friday, February 6, 2009

Ok So I've Been Lazy Lately

Yeah I know I've been lazy with updating my blog, but it's been a lazy week. I've had a problem with my shin since I kicked that guy in the elbow, and a problem with the knuckle on my left hand. I've still been training, but I've taken two days off this week just to try and get my body back to normal. After three weeks of training hard I really needed it. I've been sparring a lot, twice on Thursday (4 rounds and 5 rounds) and running a lot longer lately.

Some people came to the gym on Thursday to film for some show they are doing about foreigners training in Thailand. It will be on TV next Thursday at 12:30pm so I have a background spot, getting kicked around the ring by some thai guy I think, I'm not sure what they filmed exactly.

Also, I think I found a place nearby the gym to stay, so I'm going to ask about that this weekend and hopefully move there during the week. I've missed hot water so much, and it'll be nice to have some privacy for a change instead of sharing a room with 3 other guys.

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