Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Life in Thailand

Today I thought I'd give the writing about training a rest and talk about life in Thailand for a change.

Now I've moved into my own apartment life is certainly a lot better. There were a lot of mosquitos at the gym, and to be honest, the level of hygiene was a concern. Now I can shower under a normal hot shower instead of using a cold bucket of water, and no-one comes into the room late at night and wakes everyone up, which used to happen at the gym a lot.

To be honest a lot of my time is spent sleeping and eating. The meals here are small in portion but the food is aroi mak mak (very delicious). I live about 15 minutes walk away from a huge mall that has a waterfall in it, and a waterpark on the roof. There is an internet cafe directly downstairs from my apartment, a laundry and a 7-11 convenience store that sells bottles of whisky for $4.50

The language has proven difficult in many ways, especially since I am one of the few ferangs (foreigners) living in this area. Taxi drivers never know where I want to go unless I have the destination written in thai for them. Restaurants are also hard because you write your order down in thai instead of someone coming to your table and taking it. It's extra motivation to improve my thai though, and I've only eaten at McDonalds once since I've been here.

I've gotten used to people riding motorbikes on the footpath, elephants walking around, the unrelenting heat and the spicy food, and I'm really happy to live here. Back to training tomorrow..

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  1. I couldn't be happier that things are going well. Glad to hear it.

    All the best,

    - Adam Brown