Thursday, February 12, 2009

Health Concern #1

Ok so this isn't the first time I've been concerned about my health here, but the first time I've been concerned enough to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

The last couple of days I have had red spots under my armpits. Today I noticed they were spreading to the rest of my body. They have been itchy and some of them look like whiteheads (sorry). But the interesting thing is someone else from the gym has had the exact same symptoms, someone I spend 15 minutes clinching/grappling with about 3 days ago.

So I caught up with him again today before training, and he gave me the name of a chemist to go and see at Foodland on Ramkamheng Road. The chemist speaks english very well and I'd highly recommend him. You walk into foodland and turn right. Apparently what I have is not uncommon in Thailand, and is just a simple bacterial infection on my skin. However, it is contagious, which means no touching anyone for 3 days, and more importantly, no training where I sweat and it can be easily transferred.

So either I caught it from Chris or he caught it from me, it doesn't matter. But if you experience this yourself, you need to get some ointment/cream called Quadrimerm, and apply it 3 times daily. Also you need to rest while you recover, which is going to drive me nuts because I was ready to get back into it today.

Apart from that, all is well. I was on TV today, on the sports section of Channel 9 news so that was amusing to see.

I won't write any more until I get back to training next week...sorry for the layoff but I'm very annoyed about it myself. I can't even do any exercise where I may sweat but I'm happy it's nothing serious. I was worried it was something I caught from some dirty mosquito. Amazing Thailand.

On a side note, I've started back on the multivitamins today, which I would recommend anyone coming here for longer than 2 weeks to take.

See you next week.

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