Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Injuries Keep Coming

This mornings training-
2km run because I am having problems with my right knee when I run
2 rounds shadow boxing
1 round fast punching on the bag
3 rounds thai pads
6 rounds technique - learning how to block and counter punches and kicks
3 sets shoulder press (max)
3 sets situps (max)

I have been training at the Sasiprapa gym for just over one week now. The bruises on my shins are almost gone, however my left shin is swollen, and so is my right elbow. Despite wrapping my hands I've taken skin off two of the knuckles and I still have some blisters on my feet. Tomorrow is my day off so I will go to the pool on top of Bang Kapi mall and rest and try and recover for the week ahead.

We train twice a day, 8am - 10:30am and again 4pm - 6pm. The morning is always more technique work while the afternoon training is a lot harder with more pad and bag work.

I live at the gym, currently sharing a room with a Spanish guy and a junior K1 fighter from Japan. Everyone at the gym has fights coming up except me, I still have a lot to learn and will wait until they tell me I am ready, so I feel like a junior all over again.

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