Friday, January 23, 2009

Thursday Night - Fight Night

Petjaopraya Battle at Rajadamnern Stadium

Name - (Gym)

Sak (Sor Ploenjit) defeated Nungsiam (Deun-Eay-Mukdahan) on points

Waladimear (Gor.Romsrithong) defeated Stefhan (Fairtex) on points

Ekpikat (Mor.Grungtapthonburi) defeated Saengpet (Loog Bor.Gor) on points

Darachai (Chor.Chuenchom) drew with Jampathong (Sit.Panont)

Petmai (Petjaopraya) defeated Gongfa (Wor.Wiwattanont) by KO round 2

Main Event - Porwarit (Sasiprapa/Satianyuenyong) defeated Jomyut (Petklanarong) by TKO round 5

Gongnapa (Mor.Tassanai) defeated Petnoppakoon (Por.Palangchai) by TKO round 2

Chamuakpet (Mor.Tassanai) defeated Singnoy (Panyuttapoom) on points

Namchai (Por.Oonnuch) defeated Pantamit (Mor.Puwana) on points

I was amazed at how Porwarit fought in this event. I've seen him train a lot as he's at the same gym I'm at. During the first round, both fighters were just feeling each other out, the second round was similar although Porwarit went ahead on points because of some sweeps/dumps on his opponent. During the third round though, everything changed. He suddenly switched on and it was one of the most beautiful and devistating displays of muay thai I have ever seen. Actually I was sure he was going to knock Joymut out, and if it hadn't been for the bell I'm sure he would have. During the fourth round Joymut really looked tired and Porwarit just calmed down and kept landing good scoring shots. When the fifth round was drawing to a close, his opponent threw in the towel as it was obvious who had won by that stage. It really was an amazing fight and I hope it finds its way onto youtube at some stage.

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