Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jesus Christ, Seriously

Well my left shin is hurting badly, even when I walk on it. This afternoon I am definately resting.

This mornings training-
2km jog (but my knee feels better)
1 round fast punching
1 round thai pads
3 rounds focus pads
3 rounds technique..blocking/countering knees and kicks
1 round sparring with shin pads
50 knees on heavy bag
50 elbows on heavy bag
50 push kicks on heavy bag
3 x sets shoulder press (max)
3 x sets situps (max)

I'm starting to get bored during the day and caught between saving money and going out to kill the boredom. The TV is still broken, and my thai exgf has started to email me again. She is in a bad place but at least she has somewhere to stay. I can't really do anything to help her and I feel bad because of it. Maybe go and watch a fight this Saturday night at Lumpinee as some people from the gym are in it.

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