Saturday, March 7, 2009

16 Hour Bus Rides

This afternoons training -
2km jog
1 round boxing sparring
3 rounds boxing sparring
4 rounds heavy bag
2 x 50 knees on heavy bag
3 sets shoulder press (max)
3 sets situp (max)

I'm really happy with the boxing today, I only got hit in the head a couple of times and a few body shots which I'm not bored about, but jesus Paul can punch hard when he wants to. Today was a bit different in that when I backed off, he kept coming at me so it kept me on my toes.

Today I asked Takhoon about a fight and he said to train hard for one more month then he will arrange it for I'm nervous and excited about that.

I didn't train the last couple of days because I attended my first buddhist wedding, all the way up in Issan... 8 hours away by bus. It was interesting to see the differences between a western and eastern wedding, and I'm ask my friend about some of the things they did and why, and write more about it later.

Photos of Steins (Norway) fight at Lumpinee stadium.

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  1. Great blog mate, really honest and humble! I never meant to hit you in the balls??? Honest. I really enjoy sparing with you and I took so many head shots today and one body shot that F'ing hurt. I'm not looking forward to the beating I'm going to get when I try sparing Muay Thai with ya. But I'm up for it.

    see ya Tuesday mate.