Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cowards Never Start & The Weak Never Finish

This mornings training-
4km sprint
4km jog

This afternoons training -
4km jog

This morning I still felt bit sick. My thumb still hurts a lot and I can barely make a fist because of it. I woke up early and decided I'd take another day off. Went downstairs to get breakfast, and one of the trainers was waiting outside my apartment. As soon as he saw me he gave me the biggest smile and said"running, running" so I knew a day off wasn't going to be an option. I went upstairs, scoffed my breakfast and headed out on my daily run. Because of the promise of an upcoming fight, I decided not to train at the gym today, in the hope my thumb will be back to normal on Monday.

I spoke with Takhoon briefly about getting smashed around the ring on Thursday, and his response more or less was "it's good for you sometimes", which made me laugh. I spoke with Paul about it and we discussed the peaks and troughs of performance during sparring. He said if we were great at it every time, I'd be world champion, so I can see his point. It got me thinking about what the secret is to being so switched on mentally every time though. Anyway, today I'll try and get some video of what's happening in the ring at the gym, and tomorrow I'll get some photos from the muay thai festival, and I'll put them up here for everyone to see Monday.

Until then, train hard!

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