Sunday, March 29, 2009

Taking The Bad With The Bad

I have been so lucky this week, I managed to get another infection...this time in my elbow. It's pretty bad too. I went to the hospital and they gave me antibiotics to take for one week plus I have to go there every day to get the dressing changed. If it's no better in one week they will operate.

But the most important thing...NO TRAINING FOR ONE WEEK.


What annoys me is in the best case senario, if it were better in one week, that would still only give me one week to prepare for my fight. I think it's impossible. Anyway, I am very lucky because now I can spend all week getting bored around BKK. I'll be back training as soon as I possibly can though.. it's a pity I'm taking antibiotics because I'd love to cheer my training partners from my balcony sipping cocktails as they run in the afternoons..

Maybe this week I'll profile some of the trainers or something, else I'm going to go stir crazy.

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  1. Dude, I had the same thing happen... on my ass! I had to buy a special pillow just to sit down, and then when I got home to the states, I got one again on my inner thigh.

    In Thailand, they cut it open, but back here they only prescribed medicine, which was weird. I am more for the aggresive approach of cutting and letting it drain!

    Good luck with that man. Be careful!