Monday, March 2, 2009

A Sword is Useless in The Hands of a Coward

This mornings training -
6km jog, sprinted the last 400m
2 rounds shadow boxing
1 round fast punching on the bag
3 rounds thai pads
1 round focus pads, working on getting more power into my cross
4 rounds heavy bag
3 sets shoulder press (max)
3 sets situps (max)

Good training this morning, not many injuries and I almost feel back to my normal energy level. Ireland almost broke Englands nose this morning in sparring (had the red lines going). I hope he never reads this blog. Anyway, just proves how dangerous muay thai is and how hard it is to balance between technique and power.

Photo shows one part of the gym with a crazy German lazing around nearby.

This afternoons training -
4km jog
1 round boxing shadow boxing
3 rounds boxing sparring
1 round bag
3 rounds thai pads
3 rounds heavy bag
3 sets shoulder press (max)

Have I mentioned I hate boxing sparring? Muay thai is ok but boxing is not good..I hadn't done any prior to moving to Thailand. Despite that, it wasn't bad today. I had to spar Kris from England and he only managed to get some shots on me when we were in close, so I can see the improvement. I'm starting to move my head around a lot more, and I'm more relaxed and confident when sparring too. I still hate it, but at least I'm not getting black eyes anymore (for now).

The young Japanese fighter who is staying a the camp fought yesterday at a new stadium in BKK and won by KO in the second round. Fantastic work.

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