Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hardcore - Fight Night

Saturday mornings training -
6km jog
2 rounds shadow boxing
1 round fast punching on the bag
3 rounds thai pads
4 rounds heavy bag
2 km jog

God only knows why I thought it would be a good idea to run another 2km after training on Saturday.

Anyway, there was no training in the afternoon because my mate from Norway (Stein) was fighting at Lumpinee. He was fighting on the early program, against a 19 year old Italian with twice as much experience as he had. It was a brutal fight, and Stein got hit with Sok Cheng (upward smashing elbow) to his cheek which opened a deep cut that later required 9 stitches to close. It was such a deep gash you could actually see the bone. What a great fight though, it went the full five rounds despite the Italian breaking a bone in his face, and Stein only lost on points. I'll post some photos later because we got some good ones. Good work Stein! I hope your girlfriend wasn't too angry about the stitches...

Also got to meet John Wayne Parr, famous Australian fighter from Boonchu gym that was on the Contender recently. Might do an article on him soon if I can catch up with him again.

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