Monday, May 11, 2009

Sore Thumb # 3

This mornings training -
4km jog
1 round shadow boxing
1 round fast punching
3 rounds thai pads
3 rounds heavy bag
7 rounds grapple/clinch sparring
1 round heavy bag
2 sets pull ups (max)
1 set push ups (max)
1 set sit ups (max)

This afternoons training -
2km jog
1 round shadow boxing
1 round fast punching
1 round boxing shadow boxing
2.5 rounds boxing sparring

I'm annoyed. I thought I would be happy if I didn't have to spar because my thumb still hurt a lot after Saturday. But how can I say no? Anyway, I lasted almost 3 rounds when Alex landed a punch on the sore thumb, which made me feel like I was going to vomit. Anyway, it was just an accident so I'm not cut about it, I am annoyed that it means I can't train how I want to tomorrow. I can punch (just) with my right hand, but no sparring and I have to be careful in grappling. I can't put any pressure on it or grab anything with my right hand. I don't know whats wrong with it. It's not broken, that's for sure, but it bloody well hurts.

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