Saturday, May 16, 2009

Unlucky Parowit!

Commiserations go to Parowit who fought today at Channel 3. He got hit with an elbow in the second round and while it didn't seem to bother him, it did take 4 stitches to close and is probably what lost him the fight. He still dominated his opponent for most of the fight.
I'm going to Channel 7 tomorrow to watch Jo fight, but here are some photos of todays fight.

Parowit has had a lot of fights lately, so hopefully he can now take a much deserved break and get some rest.

Elbow in the second round that opened him up and put blood all over the canvas.

Typical Parowit sweet. He does this so cleanly and easily.

Body shot that made me squirm because of it's force

Left hook heading straight for his opponents jaw.

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